These songs are free to all who wish to use them.

                                           About these songs:
                                           The music is written in 3part harmony with a lead (soprano), a treble section
                             (harmony 1), and a bass (harmony 2). Being a 3part composition, the treble voice
                              may sometimes weave above or below the lead. It is designed for women's voices,
                              but could also be sung by tenors. The bass line is written in a baritone range to
                              accommodate most male voices.


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                              A Field That No Farmer Will Plow              At the Cross

                              Here is Love                                               Holy to the Lord     

                              How Sad to Face the Judgement              Men and Nations             

                               My Lord and God                                      Now Faith              

                               Only When We Turn to Jesus                    Precious is the Gift 

                               Remember Your Creator                           Rumors      

                               Sing of My Redeemer                                Song of the Sparrow                    

                               Sweet Lamb of God                                    Take the Thorns                            

                               The End of the Way                                    Tho the Grass                        

                               Time and Tears                                           When I Was a Child